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24/7 Emergency Tree Service & Hazardous Tree Care

Emergencies happen and we’re here to help.

Ideally, regular maintenance and pruning by a qualified arborist is already part of your schedule to protect against preventable fallen trees that can damage property or cause injuries. But not everything can be prevented. Wind and snow storms cause many fallen trees throughout the Lower Mainland every fall and winter.

Our 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency tree service is here for you anytime you need us.

Our experienced team includes ISA Certified Arborists, Certified Utility Arborists (CUA), and

Tree Risk Assessment Certified (TRAC) personnel.

Our 24/7 Emergency Services

We can handle any emergency tree removal job, big or small.

● Removal of fallen trees, including complex cases, such as:

○ Across roads

○ On buildings or causing property damage

○ Across power lines

○ And many other high-risk situations.

● Risk assessment

● Site cleanup

Call 604-533-9757 for more information on our emergency services.

Signs a Tree is At Risk of Falling

Once a tree has fallen, especially onto a building or car, or in a public area, it becomes an

imminent safety risk and must be urgently removed.

However, sometimes it is possible to identify dangerous trees — those at high risk of falling

during a storm or other impact — and remove them before it falls.

Before storm season, it’s a good idea to have a certified arborist inspect your property’s trees to note which trees, if any, may be at risk of falling during a storm.

A few things our team looks out for include thorough examinations of the crown for rotted wood or dead leaves, and especially if any roots are exposed. This can indicate the tree is unstable and therefore, in danger of falling during a windstorm.

Dangerous Tree Removal Service

Our ISA certified arborists can identify those trees on your property and ensure action is taken urgently, 24/7, even if the tree hasn’t fallen yet.

This can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage costs, as well as the potential to

save human lives.

Complete Tree Removal

We can remove all types of trees in emergency situations or during regular maintenance.

Trees may need to be removed for many reasons, including:

● Improper pruning in the past

● Disease, rot or damage

● Proximity to power lines or buildings

● Structural issues including root issues or decay

● Roots becoming too close to buildings or underground utilities

● Dropping needles, leaves or other items onto property or roadways, endangering


● In the way of planned construction or would be damaged by the construction process

We take great care to exhaust other options before removing a tree and all our assessments

come complete with guidance on the best course of action for your tree and how to adhere to your municipality’s laws.

Removing a tree can be dangerous. Our expert team can work in any situation, including small spaces, high-traffic areas and extremely large trees that require heavy equipment to remove and clear. Our capabilities ensure a safe tree removal from start to finish.

Storm Damage Cleanup

In addition to emergency responses, we can assist with non-urgent storm cleanup after all

dangerous situations have been resolved by our expert team.

Our fleet of trucks, lifts and chippers can handle any size cleanup project day or night.

We provide complete end-to-end emergency service, from first call to picking up the last fallen branch.

Who We Help

Property Managers

We specialize in emergency services for retail malls, industrial and commercial business parks, large venues, and more.

Ensure your tenants are kept satisfied and safe in the event of an emergency: let us clear the situation efficiently for you with just one phone call.


We are familiar with the permitting process and regulations pertaining to tree

services for all Lower Mainland municipalities.

This ensures all proper permits and procedures are in place to handle your tree emergency

service quickly and lawfully.

As well, we can provide emergency tree services for municipal properties, such as rec centres, city offices, libraries, arenas and community venues.

Landscape Architects

Horizon provides a full range of commercial landscape construction and maintenance

services. Our reputation has even earned us the trust from other landscaping companies to handle emergency tree services for them.

Call us for a quote — we won’t bite.

Construction Sites

From trees falling on property or vehicles or a job site accident involving a tree, we can take

care of any issue quickly and safely to get your crew back to work as soon as possible.

By employing us for tree removal, you can:

● Ensure the limb or tree removal process is done safely with no risk of falling branches or

injuries to your team.

● Avoid potential injuries of your team operating chain saws or other tree falling equipment

without the necessary training.

● Protect your team from potential electrical shocks, electrocution or fire especially if the

tree is dangerously close to a power line or fuel source.

We can also carry out all aspects of construction site prep, clearing and cleanup.

Plan Ahead with a Custom Quote Now

We’d be happy to put together a custom quote for tree management services for

you. Contact Russ Thomson at 604-807-0500 or to talk about how we can best serve you.

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