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Workplace Green Spaces: 3 Benefits

In some of the world's biggest corporations as Facebook or Google, green areas are now taking center stage in their new corporate headquarters, and they have chosen a greenhouse-style as opposed to a traditional industrial design.

It is common for employees to feel overworked and stressed after being in a busy office all day. There is no doubt that by creating green spaces in your workplace, you will be able to facilitate the productivity of your employees and keep them happy, which will ultimately boost the success of your enterprise.

Unfortunately, a majority of the offices are located in fast-paced, urban areas which may contribute to creating a stressful working atmosphere for the employees.

Here are 3 major benefits if you are considering moving on to more green space for your company

1.- Sustainability

Keeping plants in your office is good for the environment, as well as for your employees. The natural cooling, humidity, and noise reduction provided by green spaces can give employees a better working environment, while also helping to keep the company on its sustainable path.

As a business, reducing the carbon footprint and having a green area may help you reduce waste, conserve water, and minimize the use of chemicals

If people live and work in a natural setting, they will be more likely to search for ways in which to become more sustainable, and this can begin in the workplace.

2.- Boosts Productivity

A 2010 study by the University of Technology, Sydney found that plants in office spaces boost employee morale and reduce headaches. Clearly, this directly contradicts the widely accepted business philosophy that clean, minimalist offices are often more productive.

It has been proven that being surrounded by nature improves concentration, lessens attention fatigue, and increases productivity by 20%.

3.-Healthy ambiance, better aesthetics

More companies are recognizing the value of their employees' well-being, and the use of green spaces in the office has become a trend. This can lead to improved concentration and reduced stress. It is possible to increase productivity and collaboration between employees by creating an open work environment.

Including green space in design is not limited to plants, as the following design elements may also be implemented: Utilize light and natural materials such as wood and rocks to transform your space; include some areas that have views of the water; and plant different kinds of vegetation, such as mosses

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