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Lower Mainland BC Expert Tree Removal Services

Our team of certified arborists are available for tree removal jobs of any size or quantity.

We remove trees in many situations, including:

  • Disease or declining health of the tree

  • Hazardous trees

  • Trees blocking a roadway or entryway into a building

  • Removing one species in exchange for planting another that is better-suited for the area

  • Trees obstructing the view or access to a space and when pruning is not enough to correct this

… Plus many other situations, including 24/7/365 emergency tree removals (link to other blog post).

Certain municipalities within the Lower Mainland require permits before any tree removals take place. These can sometimes take weeks or months to process, though our team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Our expert team can handle removing any size of tree and number of trees, from single extractions to clearing entire construction sites.

Read on to find out what we offer in more detail.

Image Source: Pixabay

Does My Tree Need to Be Removed?

Sometimes your situation dictates a tree needs to be removed, like a hazard or upcoming construction. But other times, the tree itself is damaged and needs to come down.

Some signs to watch out for include:

  • Raised soil at the base of the tree’s trunk

  • Dead branches or those hanging straight down from the top

  • Chipped or peeling bark

  • Cracks in the trunk

  • Small twigs with buds near the ends of branches

  • Mushrooms growing at the bottom of the tree

If you spot any of these signs, it’s a good idea to have an arborist inspect your trees for health and safety of both the trees, and the people and buildings around them.

Ways to Dispose of Removed Trees

All the methods we use to dispose of trees are environmentally friendly. The option chosen will depend on your site’s requirements. Our sales staff will walk you through all of this during your quote.

Chip & Recycle

Often the simplest and most cost effective option is chipping and recycling. We can chip any quantity of trees directly on-site and either haul all debris away with us, or supply you with the finished wood chips.

Those wood chips can be used as mulch for your other landscaping, such as around other trees or for walkways and playgrounds, or organic gardening needs.


Another popular option, especially in colder months. We can chop and prepare bundles of firewood ready to use. This is great for our hospitality industry clients who have cabin rentals or other properties with wood-burning fireplaces.

Leave Intact On-Site (Environmentally Friendly)

Lastly, we can do nothing and let nature take its course. We will clean up the site of the tree removal and make sure all tree branches and debris are safely out of the way of workers or the public. Then, the tree remains can decompose on-site.

This is the most environmentally-friendly option, however not an option for all public spaces for obvious reasons.

Stump Removal Options

Leaving a stump intact is an option though there are several risks associated with doing this.

Over time, the stump and underground roots will decay. It can take a decade or longer, but it will happen. During that process, mould, fungi, insects and other pests can grow in the stump and spread to nearby plants, or worse, spread disease if contact is made with humans (especially inquisitive young children).

For this reason alone, many customers prefer for us to remove the stumps at the same time the tree is removed.


This is the most efficient option to handle a stump and involves our team physically grinding the stump down as close to the ground as possible with electric grinders.

This method reduces the unsightly amount of stump showing, but it does leave the underground roots of the tree intact which may not be desired in all situations, and can still lead to decay over time.

Additionally, the ground wood chips from the stump can be supplied to you to use as mulch in other areas.

Full Stump Removal

This method involves making cuts into and around the stump to pull it entirely out of the ground, including the tree’s underground roots. This removes 100% of the stump and any associated tree debris.

It is a more invasive procedure into the land, however it avoids any of the issues mentioned earlier, like the development of fungi or mould.

Generally, we recommend landscaping after any full stump removals as it will leave an unsightly hole on your site. We can fill it and put down new sod to keep your facility looking its best.

Your Trusted Tree Removal Experts

With the skills, certified personnel and equipment necessary to complete any size of tree or stump removal job, you can relax knowing we’ll efficiently handle any project you have for us.

Our team is familiar with all municipality tree removal permitting and procedure bylaws to ensure the job is done hassle-free for your company.

The first step is to contact our sales team for a quote, and then a certified arborist can inspect your site to recommend the best options for tree and stump removal.

Contact Russ Thomson at 604-807-0500 or to get started, so you can get your land back to its optimal condition, or cleared for your next project.

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